Friday, February 27, 2015

Avodah of Aharon

The text of this week's Parasha, which is being read next week, is quite likely one of the latest to have entered the Divine document, authored by J. It has J's protest, the actions of Moshe, against the Avodah of Aharon. However, Aharon merely adapted himself to the nation, to its desire for a natural religion.

Therefore, he, P, took "gold" from various sources, from Edom, from Mitzraim, from Bavel, and constructed a religion that was acceptable to the nation, based on the writings of Moshe, which were altered a little, by "Moshe." Aharon did this Avodah in a reversible fashion, with great Chochmah. This is the work of P and the redactor R, the sons of Aharon, and is encoded by J, in our Parasha.